Watch Will demonstrate the Stealth Slide, the right-hand Stealth-Slide and the B-Bender on these fabulous videos!

Stealth Slide Technique video
Stealth Slide Technique DVD



B-Bender Mania video
B-Bender DVD

This long awaited DVD includes one of Will's world famous Stealth Slide rings. 72 minutes of fascinating slide tricks that will change your life forever (or at least for the weekend). Includes video and slide. "This is Will's long awaited all blues album in which he goes back to his roots and plays the blues like a wild man! There are 11 songs here (plus hidden tracks) with guests spots from John Jorgenson, Jerry Donahue, Ted Greene, Juke Logan, Emmet Ray Jr, Danny Timms and many more. You can't listen to this disc without wanting to jam along!"
At last, an instructional DVD from Will detailing the use of the B-Bender. No matter what kind of string bending system you use, this video is a must! It is considered by many to be the Bible among B-Bender fanatics.

Hipshot B Bender
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Hellecasters Jam Tracks
"Will Ray's Faves"


Mojo Blues Jam CD

This is the Real McCoy, the same kind that Fender puts on all of Will's signature guitars. Easy to install, Will swears by these. Very inexpensive compared to other B-Benders and really easy to use. Can also be configured to bend any of the other strings. Comes with instructions, and mounting hardware. These are Will's favorite songs from the Hellecasters, plus a few choice selections from his solo album "Invisible Birds". These are the same backing tracks Will uses at guitar clinics and workshops, taken from the actual recordings of the Hellecasters, minus the lead guitars. Keys are also included. There are 13 songs here - Orange Blossom, Sweet Dreams, Danger Man, Hellecaster Stomp, Bucket of Fish, Hanging at Tom & Rita's, Ghosts of 42nd Street, Major Troutage, Mad Cows at Ease, Mr. Natural, Help I've Fallen, Gaylord's Dock and Slippery When Wet. This is a backing tracks-only CD-R version of Mojo Blues to jam along with. Great for practicing and fun to play along with. Will uses it to keep his chops up.

Hollywood Roundup
Cassette only


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Stealth Slide Ring


Invisible Birds

Wanna hear the very first time Will, John and Jerry ever recorded together? This cassette has it. Recorded in 1988, this compilation album contains 11 songs by 11 different artists, all LA ground breaking country-rock acts from the 80's including, Jeffrey Steele, Candye Kane & the Super Pickers (John, Will, Jerry, Jeff Ross & Billy Bremner).
Yep, this is the same slide that Will uses. Invented by Will in 1977 and manufactured by Hipshot Products, this slide is adjustable to any finger size. Now you can slide like the Master!

It's almost impossible to describe Will's first solo album. In 14 songs you get the complete repertoire of Farm Jazz, Cow Thrash, Range Rock, Prairie Metal and Nuke-A-Billy. Will sings and plays through songs about U-Hauls, prisons, Catholicism and murdering birds. 2000 re-release.


Remastered & Available Now in DVD & VHS!
The Official Pharaoh Records Video Release

DVD-Video...$20.00 + Shipping

1. Inspector Gadget
2. Highlander Boogie
3. Danger Man
4. Son Becomes Father
5. Ghosts of 42nd Street
6. Peter Gunn
7. Went On A 12 Bar Bender In My Home Town
8. Sweet Dreams
9. Orange Blossom Special
10. Bucket Of Fish

The Return Of The Hellecasters

Don't be fooled by the title -- it's the boys' FIRST album. 13 songs of pure mayhem. 1993 Release.


Escape From Hollywood

Ah yes, the boys' 2nd album featuring 13 more songs of twisted tele-torturing. 1994 release.



Hell III - New Axes To Grind

At long last, the latest masterpiece we've all been waiting for! Another ten tunes of total twang terror from the tenacious three known collectively as, "The Hellecasters".


Essential Listening

Essential Listening Vol. 1 is aptly titled. It is a "must" for all aficionados of the guitar (including Hellecaster fans who already have the three CDs from which most of the material was garnered).



Scales DVD3Will Ray Street Survival Guide to Scales & Modes DVD

Let Will take you on a journey where he explains his unique system for understanding & using scales and modes for guitar. 
Included are also 13 cool licks applying what you've just learned. Plus there's an appendix at the end with chord positions and scale patterns for easy referencing. Become the Guitar God you were meant to be!




The Buzzards
The This is an LA based Alternative Country/Cow Thrash band featuring Will's hot guitar playing throughout. Some cool jams here where Will and the band get to srtetch out and wail! 2006 release.


Live at McCabesLive at McCabes
Will Ray & Jerry Donahue - Live in LA - The Official Bootleg CD
$14.99. A new live album by Jerry Donahue and Will Ray, recorded in Los Angeles in 1998 as part of their infamous "DuoCasters" tour. 14 songs of aggravated guitar mayhem by two of the worlds best guitar players, playing to an enthusiastic audience made up of mostly guitar players. The boys were HOT that night, too. Will and Jerry play songs from the Hellecasters as well as from their solo CD's, backed by a crack rhythm section. Get a slice of guitar history!


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